1. Product information

Left and right
are always in the direction of travel.

A kit
contains parts for one unit. One wheel bearing kit and one brake shoe kit are for one wheel hub.

Wear parts

Shares and points for the harrows and cultivators come automatically with attachment bolts.
It is possible to order the bolts separately also.


The hydraulic cylinders have measurements : diameter of the piston - diameter of the piston rod - cylinder stoke. Cylinder tube is usually 5 mm. The piston diam is 10 mm less than the cylinder body diam.

Depth and levelling board cylinders in the harrows are serial connected. They are of a different size.  Oil that comes from the piston rod side moves the next cylinder which has the same volume in the piston side.

Seal kit is not available for Multiva harrow cylinders that are older than 2011.

We don't supply hydraulic hoses.

2. Availability

You can not order products that are out of stock. Please take contact to ask for the possible delivery time.

3. Accessories

Accessories like cage roller, rear harrow and grain extension are not in the spare parts. They are sold from the machine sales.

4. Spare part codes

Some codes have changed after making the spare part books. Some have changed due to the system changes. We aim to update the data so that parts can be found.

Parts have two codes. A numeric dode ( 8-digits ) and a code that has also letters. Search function works on both codes.

Multiva has added 4 in front of the codes. Codes in the old spare part books have changed.

Multivan has added 9 in front of the codes. Search function can find the parts without the front 9 as well.

5. Spare part books

Spare part books and user manuals can be found from the manufacture's main web pages.

6. Color codes

Yellow RAL 1003
Green RAL 6005
Red RAL 3001. VM, Potila, Multiva
Black, standard RAL 9005
Multiva grey. No color code. Specially mixed from RAL 9004

All in full gloss.

All spare parts do not have options for the color. We keep the right to supply spare parts in a different color that the original part in the machine.

7. Orders

We recommed to order the parts well in time before the most hectic season.